How I Learned to Play

Though I always considered myself creative, exercising my creativity was never much of a priority. I was much too serious and had too much to do to allow myself such frivolity. So, my creative pursuits became something I treated myself with when everything else on my to do list was complete. You can guess how often that happened!

 I was often pretty miserable without really understanding why. I managed to hold it all together generally, but when I was at my breaking point, working in soul-sucking jobs or being a constant caregiver as a new mom, I felt desperate for a creative activity to keep my sanity.  But I was so out of practice that I didn't even know where to start. So, I started just by playing, trying out new techniques. A decade later when my kid was a toddler, I started playing like she did, experimenting wildly with different art media. And, for the first time in memory, I found joy. I was on fire creatively with ideas flooding into my brain, but I was also calmer, more relaxed, more patient and happier because I was finally tending to my creative soul.

What is 30 Days of Creative Play™?

30 Days of Creative Play™is the result of my trial-and-error over the last decade. It is a self-directed course to kick start your creativity through daily 15-minute creative exploration exercises that include the best of my experiments over the years.  You will:

  • Rediscover your creativity - You were born creative!
  • Learn how to play again to rekindle your creative spark
  • Begin to develop a creative habit
  • Explore your unique creative passion & expression
  • See the difference 15 minutes a day can make 

Course Curriculum

About the instructor

Chief Creativity Officer

Julie Brown Neu

Julie Brown Neu is a working artist and 15-year veteran of Corporate America who's been exploring Creative Play™ for over a decade. In that time, her play has evolved from providing needed stress relief while a full-time business consultant to art explorations that helped her find her voice as an artist. Today, Creative Play™ is an integral part of her art practice and an important source of inspiration. Julie holds degrees from the University of Virginia and Harvard University. She lives in Massachusetts with her family.

What others have been saying about this course

"Thirty days of Creative Play -What fun that turned out to be. Some of the simple exercises provided jumping off points for more complex pieces of art. Others simply helped me form the discipline of finding time for a little daily creativity. Whether you are someone who would like to be more creative, an artist who needs a little creative prod, or one who just needs a reason to carve out a little time for yourself, Creative Play is a lovely exercise. I loved it." Pixie, Montana 

 Ready to kick start your creativity in 30 days for an introductory price of $49? 

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